STEKK proudly presents these inspiring photographers and happy STEKK customers.


Lindsy van Grinsven

Head of photography at Shoeby e-commerce studio.

‘In September 2017 Joost made two Lock Blocks prototypes for Shoeby e-commerce studio. We work with Nikon D800E and Nikon D810 camera’s.”

“I love to move freely, while shooting tethered.’ I can move around and follow my model with my camera. Every fashion photographer know’s that you need to freely move around while shooting. With the LockBlock I can create and enjoy a errorless data workflow while the raw images are popping up the computer screens with high speed.”

“The Lock Blocks are amazingly reliable, we still work with the same prototypes every day now!”


Joel Nieminen

Photographer @Helsinki and visual explorer.

As an adventurer and photographer I travel a lot with my equipment. Working on location provides you with a lot of external factors that influence your work. You want everything to function properly so that you can focus mainly on your work instead of on the technical aspects. 

When my camera’s USB connector had to be repaired, the invoice scared me out of my wits. Scandinavian repair prices are the highest of Europe. 

While briefly visiting Joost in his studio, he introduced me to the Lockblock.  Ever since that I always keep my Lockblock in my camera bag. I can’t imagine working without it anymore. 


Daniel Sommer

Sydney's premier headshot photographer

“I have to say this little gadget is an absolute lifesaver! I’ve used it extensively over the last few months.”

Before that I used to have massive connectivity issues just with the Tethertools cable. I bought a few different versions but that didn’t solve the problem. The cable kept falling out of the connecting socket. 

Then I used your LOCKBLOCK and NEVER had an issue, ever again. It’s bloody genius!!! I love it. 

So much so, That one time during my trip in Europe I couldn’t find it in my bag and thought .. aaaa…. let’s just shoot without…. and I completely regretted it. I had to stop the shoot, went through all my bags to find it. I found it and the shoot was awesome, cable never lost connection.“